The work of Faerin Millington

Puppets, Masks, Costumes, Sets, Set-dressing



Masks and Costumes


Liminal Group - Fassbinder’s “Marilyn Monroe Contre les Vampires” Mirror dress (2016):

Ram (2013)

Aunt Honey the Magical Bunny

 “Heavy Eyes -Lenore” music video costume (2017)

Crawfish (2014)

Slap Happy Unlimited: Commissioned masks based on their 2D illustrated characters (2017)

Red Yarn Productions: Puppet designer, fabricator, puppeteer, puppet wrangler, and set dresser  (2014- present)

VIDEOS : set dresser, puppeteer, puppet wrangler


 Jurgen Productions: custom puppet (2018)

Alien (2016)

“Manny” the monkey (2011)

The Little Growshop of Horrors: Puppet designer, fabricator, and puppeteer. (2019) 

Little Grow Shop Of Horrors promotional art/sticker designs (2019)

More Masks and Costumes:

Blue Herons (2017)


Acorn Dog- Oregon Country Fair (2019)


Waterfront Blues Festival- Puppet designer/ fabricator (2015)

Francie Gator & Pearl Opposum (2015)


Waterfront Blues Festival “Amos Moses” (2014)


Skinned this tentacle for stop motion animation project for “Ragamuffin”- Jenelle Pearring LLC (2019)

 Portugal The Man- music video: “Live in the moment” Costume fabricator (2017)

Pickathon- Family Programming signage (2019) and tent props (2017)

Friends Of Trees: Mascot repair- new bark, foam repair and repainting (2019)



 Sock It To Me: design a sock contest-winner: “Hops Socks” (2011)

I currently have 20 puppets on my workbench for two different productions. I will be adding these to the page after these projects go live in MAY and JUNE 2020.